Bert P. Krages II, Attorney at Law

Bert P. Krages II
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Patent Law

Patent Applications and Prosecution

Preparation and prosecution of domestic and foreign patent applications. Experienced in many areas including mechanical, nutritional, optical, software, and business method fields. Efficient preparation of drawings and use of electronic filing to minimize costs and expedite prosecution.

Patent Searches and Patentability Opinions

Determining the prospects for obtaining a patent depends in large part on what else is out there. A patent search and legal analysis of the prior art will provide an assessment of whether an invention is patentable.

Infringement Assessments

If you have received a cease and desist letter, I can advise you on whether you are likely infringing a patent and develop a strategy on how to respond to such letters.

Enforcement of Patents

Patent owners who discover other parties infringing their patents need to take action to enforce their rights. Enforcement strategies are developed depending on the goals of individual clients and can range from simple cease and desist requests to litigation in federal courts.

Assistance to Inventor Applicants

Some inventors choose to prosecute their own applications despite the complexity of patent law. Assistance is provided on an hourly basis to review submissions and advise on responses to office actions.