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Bert P. Krages II
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Photography and Art Law

Unauthorized Use Issues

Unauthorized use of photographs and artwork is a common complaint of many professional photographers and artists. Services and advice are provided regarding the collection of compensation from parties who use work without permission or beyond the scope of a license.


Proper terms and conditions are critically important to ensuring that photographers and artists are not taken advantage of when licensing their work. I provide services related to licensing include preparing individualized terms and conditions, reviewing proposed licensing agreements, and resolving disputes with licensees.

Privacy and Right-to-Publicity Issues

Claims that people are owed compensation for published likenesses of themselves or their property are becoming more common, even though many are meritless. I advise on whether prospective uses are likely to violate an individual’'s rights and represent parties involved in disputed claims.

Gallery and Agent Agreements

I review agreements related to the representation of photographers and artists by galleries, agents, and stock agencies.

Harassment Issues

Harassment of photographers has greatly increased in light of heightened concerns about security. Many of these issues are addressed in The Photographer’s Right flyer and the Legal Handbook for Photographers book. Nonetheless, I am available to advise and represent photographers who have been harassed for lawfully taking photographs.