Bert P. Krages II, Attorney at Law

Bert P. Krages II
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Legal Services

Services offered to writers include review of book contracts (never sign the version the publisher gives you), agent agreements (many warrant tinkering, a few are really egregious), enforcement of publishing agreements (nonpayment and reversion of rights), and opinions regarding copyright, defamation, and privacy issues.

Literary Agent Services

I also act as a literary agent on a conventional commission basis. Areas in which I am particularly interested are science, health, psychology, and history. I am not taking on new fiction clients at this time and discourage such submissions. If you have a book idea that fits the above description, please feel free to send a query by e-mail. Queries should not exceed one page. Please do not call or send manuscripts instead of a query. Queries should concisely describe the subject of the book, the intended audience, and your qualifications to write the book. Some recommended books on preparing queries and book proposals can be found on this list.