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Legal Handbook for Photographers

The Rights and Liabilities of Making Images



Legal Handbook for Photographers is written from the perspective of a photographer who has actually confronted the legal issues that many photographers face. This book explains the fundamental legal principles that affect the rights to make images, and is intended to increase your comprehension of how the law affects photography. In addition, the book provides guidance on how to handle confrontations, obtain remedies if wronged, and develop an ethic that reflects your individual approach to photography. It also explains the importance of copyright protection and the legal issues associated with publishing and licensing images. Information on how to order is at the bottom of the page.

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Chapter Summaries

1: The Importance of Knowing Your Rights

Explains why it is important to know the legal issues associated with making images, and describes how laws are made and why the laws affecting photography are sometimes uncertain.

2. Access to Property

Covers the rights of private and governmental property owners to limit photography on their premises.

3. Privacy Issues

Covers the laws that affect personal privacy and explains when consent is required.

4. Restrictions on Subject Matter

Explains the legal aspects of photographing subjects such as currency, stamps, military facilities, nuclear plants, copyrighted works, trademarks, and nudity.

5. Confrontations and Remedies

Discusses the general rule that equipment and film cannot be lawfully seized, the exceptions to that rule, and provides guidance on how to handle many types of confrontations. The chapter also describes the remedies available to photographers who are wronged while making images.

6. Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Explains the importance of copyright protection, how to register copyrights, and enforcement of copyrights as well as issues relating to patents and trademarks.

7. Publishing and Licensing

Describes the legal issues associated with publishing your photographs as well as the business aspects of licensing your images to publications and stock agencies.

8. Ethics

Discusses the importance of formulating your personal ethic and and the ethical issues commonly encountered in photography.